Who we are

Greetings!Greetings!You are Welcome at this Church!

No matter where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here!

BeliefsBeliefsWhat we believe in.

Every person is valuable, each individual’s relationship with God is unique, the church is to have a prophetic voice, God is still speaking…

LeadershipLeadershipMeet our teachers.

Leadership is about equipping leaders. Our church community is focused on developing and nurturing active and powerful voices in the community and the world.

HistoryHistoryA 150 year legacy.

From its beginning, First Church has been a stalwart for justice. Founded in 1851, Primera Iglesia broke from the Presbyterian Church to unite a new community that stood against “the sin of slavery”. Today our church continues to identify and resist ALL FORMS of societal injustices.

Our partners

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