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Bringing Love and Hope to the World

Categories: Pastoral Letter

Easter EggsToday I say hello using one of the most famous phrases in Christianity: “Christ is risen!”, to which millions of people for many centuries have replied: “Indeed He is risen!”

March closed with the celebration of Easter Sunday. The church has rediscovered that its strength as a community of faith is found in the risen Christ.

Reading the New Testament writings, we realize that the resurrection was not only related to eternal life, but a promise that our lives and present realities can be transformed.

The people who followed Jesus in the Gospel accounts experienced a transformation in their lives. Their fear turned into conviction. They came out of isolation and came boldly into the world announcing the good news of Christ who lived and acted in them and through them.

In this era of resurrection, the church is again called to remember that it is commissioned by God to bring the message of love and the hope of Christ Life to the world. Amen!

Author: Master Admin